Tue Aug 2018

Star Wars LEGO® exhibition


Star Wars the LEGO® exhibition,the biggest exhibition of its kind hosted in France,is at Mini World Lyon until the 1st September 2019!
Immerse yourself in the universes of the saga through six monumental works entirely made with LEGO® bricks. Different episodes’entire locations are reproduced with over a million bricks assembled and thousands of characters. Luke,Han Solo,Yoda,Darth Vader,the Emperor,C3P0,the Ewoks,Stormtroopers and many other characters from the saga await you at Mini World Lyon in this unique exhibition in France.
Skip-the-line tickets with 1€ discount are available now on our website :

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Here are the 100% LEGO® Star Wars universes waiting for you:

  • Inside The Death Star (from episodes 4 “A New Hope” and 6 “Return of the Jedi”)
  • Pursuit in the trenches of the Death Star (episode 4 “A New Hope”)
  • Attack of Echo on the planet Hoth (episode 5 “The Empire Strikes Back”)
  • Endor’s Moon (episode 6 “Return of the Jedi”)
  • The defense of Crait (episode 8 “The Last Jedi”)
  • Star Wars LEGO ships and fighting gear (all episodes)

LEGO® Bricks Workshop

Like our other exhibitions, children will have their dedicated area.
2 LEGO® tables, 1 DUPLO® table and colored bricks will be available for them to build whatever they want on-site!
An Instagram competition is set up too : you’ll be able to post your constructions’ photos with the hashtag #LEGOMiniWorldLyon
best ones will receive a Mini World annual pass!
Get your bricks ready 😉

Where’s Waldo?

As in our others miniature worlds, a Wally’s hiding in the exhibition! Look carefully, this time it you’ll search for a whole LEGO® Waldo!

Will you be able to find in which universe he’s hidden ? A small reward will be given to every children (and big children 😉 ) who’ll find it and give the answer at our shop at the end of the visit.

  • Star Wars l'expo LEGO® - Attaque de la base Echo sur la planète Hoth - les rebelles se préparent à la contre attaque

Star Wars LEGO® bricks exhibition will end the 1 September 2019.
Access to the Star Wars LEGO® exhibition is included in the ticket to Mini World Lyon.


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