Wed Aug 2016

The project history

On a Sunday during spring 2012, Richard Richarté, who is the CEO of Mini World Lyon, was tidying-up his garage. He found an old model box to be built and asked her daughter to help him. She accepted. By building the scale model and seeing his daughter’s enthusiasm, an idea began to emerge in his head. The same evening, he did some research on the Internet and found a video from Miniatur Wonderland. The next week-end, he went to Hamburg to visit the park. He was totally amazed by what he saw, and was starry-eyed. He quickly realised that the animated miniature park concept did not exist in France. By talking about it to the others, he was quickly convinced of the concept success.

He created the Company in June 2013 and started the necessary recruitments to get a dedicated team with multiple skills.
In December, he organized a casting to recruit ten Worlds Designers who started to work on January 2014. He desired to highlight the French know-how and to work as much as possible with local stakeholders.

He desired to highlight the French know-how and to work as much as possible with local stakeholders. The worlds of Mini World Lyon are assembled in the workshops of Vaulx-en-Velin by the designers’ team. The wood and plaster structures are made and customized there. All things of the worlds (houses and buildings, roads, vehicles, characters) are assembled and customized according to the French know-how, in order to reproduce typical French landscapes and atmospheres. This is named kit-bashing. Customizing of each character makes possible to create funny histories or cultural references (from movies for example).

Some specific buildings have been totally constructed in the workshops, such as the cathedral. Finally, trees are placed one by one, like the flowers, and grass is sprinkled in order to make each talk fallen individually in the glue.

But the work was not finished! The creation started again at the beginning of 2017, when the team strated to work to build a new world… Mini Lyon! A new challenge was presented, that of reproducing the city of Lyon in miniature, with minutia and especially a lot of magic and humor, to amaze even more the public of Mini World. With the help of new builders, Mini Lyon opens to the public in December 2018, with its Mini Festival of Lights (some of the most beautiful works of the History of the Festival of Lights has been adapted to ignite the facades of mini buildings emblematic of the city) and a spectacular scenography designed especially for it, adding Lyon to the first worlds – City, Mountain and Countryside!

A titanic and passionate work!

Mini World Lyon in figures:

70,000 mini-inhabitants
5,000 animals
20,000 trees
300 animations
4,000 vehicles
150 trains
3 km of railways
60,000 LEDs
300 km of electrical wire
120,000 hours of work

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