le plus grand parc de
miniatures animées en France

ouvert du mercredi au dimanche de 11h à 18h
1€ de réduction sur les billets web

What Mini World Lyon is?

Built entirely indoors over more than 3,000 m², Mini World Lyon is the largest animated miniature park in France !
This leisure park is suitable for all ages and offers an immersion into huge mini worlds full of enchantment and humor.
70,000 hours of work were needed to make the first 3 worlds (city, mountain, countryside).
The 4th, dedicated to the city of Lyon and its Miniature Festival of Lights, awaits you with spectacular scenography
to make you (re) discover the highlights of the City of Lyon!

A special light show recreates the day and the night that alternates on Mini World to highlight the 60 000 lights spread all over our worlds. And every hour there’s a real festival of lights made by artits of theFestival of Lights that sets Mini World Lyon on fire.


Do you like Where is Wally? At Mini World Lyon, you will be served! Funny and comical details , famous characters, references to movies, series, cartoons… They’re everywhere and for every taste among our 70,000 mini inhabitants!


Look, listen…breathe ! Animated landscapes, as far as the eye can see, sounds, olfactive atmosphere… At Mini World Lyon, you’ll feel elsewhere !

For everyone

Whether you’re 5, 10, 20, 40 or 80 years old, one thing is certain, Mini World Lyon will wake up the child inside you. It’s a immersion in another world that awaits young and old!

Mini World Lyon on TV

JT de 20h, 24th December 2018

TV Report, 10th May 2018

TV Report, 16th December 2017

TV Report, 1st July 2016

JT 19/20pm, 29th June 2016

JT 12.45pm, 6th December 2015

Video Teaser

Mini World Lyon immerses you in 4 worlds (City, Mountain, Countryside, Mini Lyon) brimming with enchantment and humor. Keep your eyes wide open!

Discover our mini world in street view!

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